Macrofarm s.r.l. offers excellent service in the field of the production of new Functional Raw Materials, focused on customer needs and in full compliance with quality standards. Having an exclusive cosmetic ingredient that is tailor-made formulated, represents a clear competitive advantage for companies that focus on the development of new products. 

Making use of the knowledge and skills acquired over years of experience, our team of experts accompanies the customer step by step from the initial idea to the creation of a new raw material. Our specialized staff will then take care of creating a customized development project, promptly checking all process phases, aiming to satisfy three fundamental aspects of our company:

  • Quality: through the development of new ingredients or new technologies, capable of best satisfying the customer;
  • Safety: through continuous investments aimed at improving product safety;
  • Effectiveness: through constant formulation research, in order to develop ingredients with efficacy demonstrated through in vitro and in vivo tests to support the attributed claims.

To date, research, development and prototyping activity has allowed us to create cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solutions of high quality standards, focused on the needs of our customers, leading to the creation of scientific publications and the filing of new patents.

These activities can be reported to obtain tax credits for Research and Development projects.


Tecnologie innovative in campo cosmetico, nutraceutico e farmaceutico.



Innovative technologies in cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical fields.