New Cosmetic Raw Material. IPSTIC – Interconnected PolymerS TeChnology

The main limit in the use of extracts of plant origin in cosmetic formulations is often represented by their instability. In fact, these extracts have constituents known to be susceptible to degradation reactions, which can cause an alteration of the qualitative characteristics of the extract. The stability of botanical extracts is, in fact, influenced by exposure to air, light and high temperatures.

Our goal was to improve the shelf-life of natural products by developing IPSTiC Technology, an interconnected polymeric blend, composed of high-molecular-weight Hyaluronic Acid, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose and Rice Proteins, characterized by a molecular-scale interconnection of the macromolecules that they constitute it. The action of IPSTiC technology is based on a multimodal approach due to the synergistic effect of the polymeric matrices that make up the blend and the active ingredients present.

The synergistic effect of hydration and adhesion deriving from the union of the polymeric matrices is therefore combined with the specific properties of the active ingredients conveyed. Actions: – preserves bioactive molecules from degradation – “Long-Lasting” effect IPStiC Technology improves the performance of the formulations to which it is added. Read our scientific article and contact us for more information.



Tecnologie innovative in campo cosmetico, nutraceutico e farmaceutico.



Innovative technologies in cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical fields.